The VinoKarma Project™
The VinoKarma Project™
Changing the world one sip at a time.

Our Mission:

To Change The World One Sip At A Time.

We connect people over curated wines and clever conversations with a view to create change. It's that simple. 


What Is VinoKarma™?

Vino & Karma.

Vino is Italian in origin and is a word that means   wine. 

Karma is Sanskrit and means to perform a deed or an action.

Two words that when brought together create a new meaning. 

We aim to bring people together and make connections over curated wines and clever conversations - with the hope of also creating change.



The VinoKarma Project™ hosts 3 types of events hinging on the ideas and connection: 

1) Dinner Salons   2) SIP: An Evening With Influencers

 3) Industry Conferences (coming soon) 


The VinoKarma Project Dinner Salons are held regularly throughout the year. These dinners provide a unique opportunity for a small group of creatives, thinkers, entrepreneurs, leaders and artists to share ideas and hold conversations that can lead to actions or deeds that make a difference in the world.

 There are no agendas, no topics or formats to follow – just simple, unabashed conversations.


TASTE: A Conversation with influencers

Imagine having a conversation with friends in your living room over a glass of wine - the unabashed, free, and real conversations that you have without forethought or judgment. We conduct these in-person conversations with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and changemakers - all over a glass of wine. And you are invited!



Industry conferences

Coming soon...






Get Involved

Interested in attending an event, sponsoring an evening, or nominating one of your closest friends to have a spot at our table? Below, you will learn how to attend, nominate, or partner!

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Become a Partner

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"In Vino Veritas!"